August 27, 2012

Thanks Isaac...

Naples was lucky and except for some wind gusts and heavy rain, Isaac left us alone.  It looked like a lull in the rain this morning, so I took the chance to do my morning walk - big mistake!  Within 5 minutes after leaving the house, the skies opened up.  My husband drove by to offer this damsel in distress a ride home, but I was so wet by that time, I decided to keep slogging along.

I had a hat, rain jacket and sunglasses on - no sun, of course!

I had to peel my wet clothes off in the laundry room - I left my mark on the rug ;-)

I admit this wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done, but it's not the dumbest thing either.  There was the time I.....

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Nancy Claeys said...

Nice of your hubby to come to rescue you. :)