August 3, 2012

Roll It Up...

My quilts need to be shipped to the Florida Museum for Women Artists.  I'm going to Chicago for a few days next week to catch up with my children and grandchildren.   Since I'll be away,  my dear husband will take them to Fedex for me - what a good guy!

I will have five quilts in the exhibit.  Four of the quilts (and hanging slats) can be rolled into the shipping tube.  The fifth will go in a square box since it cannot be rolled up.  These sturdy shipping tubes come from Uline.  I use them over and over and over which is a good thing because they are expensive.
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Anonymous said...

Do you have any photos of your quilts? I'd love to see them! Just realized your blog is very new! I like the newer blogs. So welcome to the blogging world and I'm looking forward to see more of your works.
Btw is there are reason people have to have a google account to comment? I was so surprised to see you on my Swedish blog today! Usually I leave a link to my blog in English, but can only do that if the name/url option is enabled.

Beverly said...

Oh how exciting for you! Even more exciting that you have numerous quilts in the exhibit; I would LOVE to see them - I love quilts. Have a great time there, and hopefully you can share some photos. :)