March 24, 2015

Mind Your Own Bees Wax

Life Book 2015, Week 13, led by Juliette Crane.  We are to create a whimsical drawing using mixed media.

My ears were full of wax - aach!  I had an appointment with my ENT doc this afternoon.  I feel so much better now that he cleaned out my ears.  This is an annoying, recurring problem.  Some good came out of it though - this silly drawing :-)

acrylic paint

washit tape, more acrylic paint, Stabilo pencil drawing

 dimensional paint, book pages, more acrylic paint!

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March 14, 2015

Femme Fatale of the Inner and Outer World

Life Book 2015, Week 11,  led by Jane Davenport.  We are to create a figure in a dynamic pose on collaged background.  

I created my dream femme fatale, an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.  Watch out fellas!

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March 4, 2015

An Attitude of Gratitude

Life Book 2015, Week 10, led by Tamara Laporte.  We are to show gratitude in a heart felt way.  I'm grateful for so much.  I jotted down the first things that came to mind...good health, Mozart, art studio, sunny skies, freedom, friends and creativity.

Watercolor paper collaged, painted, stamped 

Hearts cut out

Addition of water color pencils

I decided to put these grateful hearts into one of my love journals.  Now I can write about my feelings when I have time.

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