June 30, 2016


Drawing done and painting begun....it's warm in my studio today and paints are drying quickly on my palette!

something is off with the perspective of the gift box :-( !!
I need to step away for a day or so before I pick this up again

June 28, 2016

background check...

beginning process of new painting.

paper collage

addition of acrylic paints - it may seem a shame to cover up the collage with paint - it creates a beautiful background though

more acrylic paints

Next step - the drawing!

June 18, 2016

Orange Haired Girl in Turtleneck

Another recycle project..

layer of gesso, matte medium to adhere scraps of paper, torn book pages, postage stamps, etc.

toning things down a bit 

"find" a face in the collage - loosely sketch features; paint her.

She looks a bit sad, but who wouldn't with such a wrinkly face!

June 16, 2016

Two's Company - Three's a....

I have a habit of painting over drawings I've done that no longer please me.

The profile here bothered me a lot.  I tried fixing her nose several times, but she still looks off - into the recycle pile!

layers of gesso and acrylics to create fresh background

charcoal sketch, acrylic paint

finished piece

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