February 2, 2017


Applique is complete - now remove safety pins and basting threads....

January 30, 2017

PinUp Girls...

Beginning the applique process on a new quilt.  The background fabric is very stiff making this task more difficult.

December 29, 2016


Experimenting with mixed media to create faces for an art piece I'm working on...watercolors, acrylics, water soluble crayons, watercolor pencils, GAC 900.  Experimentation and play - that's what it's all about.

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December 5, 2016

Mellow Yellow...

Challenge - create a smallish piece of art - the theme "mellow yellow".

8x10 canvas layered with text

add gesso

finger painting with acrylics

add stenciling and assorted papers

more papers, stamped, doodles, paint splatters


Might as well make a trifold card at the same time - same techniques...plus a little extra

card front

card back