December 23, 2014

Soon and very soon...

I should be preparing my shopping list for Christmas dinner.  I should be wrapping Christmas gifts.  I should be cleaning house.  Instead, I'm working on the Queen and King of Hearts...what are you up to today?

All of the parts are ready to be assembled.  I'm trying something new...they're coming along.  Soon and very soon, they will be ready to show off.

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December 13, 2014

2014 Journal

I'm so pleased with my Life Book 2014 Journal.  I finished the cover for it today.  Working on putting the pages together brought back memories of the days when I created each.  It's hard to believe a year has gone by already.

Each page measures 9x12.  These were sewn together in pairs.  A 2" wide by 12" long strip of water color paper, folded in half - holes punched - sandwiched between the left side of the pairs to enable the pages to be inserted into the journal cover.  (Holes punched using Cinch machine.)

It's easier to sew with a large needle (topstitch 100/16), wide zigzag stitch (5.0) and sew SLOWLY.  I found binder clips really helped to keep the pages together while sewing.

Cover and spine made from back pages of water color paper tablet - nice and sturdy.  Front and back covers each measure 12-1/2 x 10; spine measures 12-1/2 x 2-1/2.  Holes punched on each side of spine lining up with the holes punched in each journal page.  (Holes punched using Cinch machine.)

I used wallpaper (found it for $8 in bargain bin!) to cover the journal.  It's pretty and quite heavy.  My adhesive of choice is a mixture of  3 parts methyl cellulose and 5 parts white glue.   It lasts a long time in a tightly sealed container.  (It doesn't dry right away so it's easy to move the paper around).  Once the paper was on and smoothed into place, I used a Japanese hole punch in the existing holes in the spine to cut through the cover paper to make sure I could easily find them later!  (Note the space of approximately 3/8" between the spine and each cover.)

Stacking heavy books weighted down by plastic containers and bricks keeps the cover nice and flat to dry.

Paper cut to size for inside cover; adhered with glue mixture, covered and weighted down to dry.  I find it better to adhere the papers in two steps - outside cover first then inside.  It takes longer this way, but the results are much better.  (Once inside paper is dry, I used Japanese hole punch again.)

Pages lined up; rattail strung through each hole.

Decorate outside cover.

Insert rattails through cover and tie.

Finished Journal 

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December 10, 2014

Today I Am...

Life Book 2014, Week 50, led by Kelly Hoernig.  We are to draw who we are.

We all wear many hats throughout our lives.  I'm a mom, wife, granny, sister, aunt, friend, lover - the list goes on.  Today "I am an Artist."  How would you identify yourself today?

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December 7, 2014

Half not Whole...

I'm having so much fun creating small pots for my house plants.

There are days when I feel like I am not working with my whole brain - have you ever felt that way?

Assorted textures and filters added to my original photo.

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November 28, 2014

Black Friday...

Life Book 2014, Week 48, led by Serena Bridgeman.  We are to create a journal page using petroleum jelly as a resist to create layers on the background.  Serena's theme is courage.

Last Sunday, my wallet was stolen right out of my purse while shopping.  The Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally known a Black Friday and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.  It can be a hair raising experience!

Courage to get back out there and shop - being aware of my purse at all times!

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November 27, 2014

Painted Ladies

These little gems are now complete and for sale at The Artist's Gallery on Marco Island.

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November 21, 2014

A Great Pair of Legs...

If you were to walk into my studio today, this is what you would find.  I'm working on a series of dolls for The Artist's Gallery on Marco Island.

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November 10, 2014

Aspire to Inspire...

Life Book 2014, Week 45, led by Tamara Laporte.  We are to draw a self-portrait incorporating image transfer and a dark background.

I have alway wanted to be a fairy princess - this was my chance!

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November 3, 2014

Rock Star...

Life Book 2014, Week 44, led by Steven Speight.  We are to draw a male wizard.  (I know nothin' about wizards. ) Oh, I almost forgot, we are to include a book in the work too.

What a challenge - drawing a guy!  My piece is a little goofy - but I enjoyed the process none the less.  I mean really - would any rock star worth his salt really dress up like this - I highly doubt it!

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October 20, 2014

Trick or Treat...

We have tons a little kids (and some not so little) in our new neighborhood.  There are so many  Halloween decorations in trees and put me in the mood to draw some creepy faces.

Ghouls Just Like to Have Fun

Pumpkin Head

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October 13, 2014

Moon Dancing...

Life Book 2014 Week 41 led by Tamara Laporte.  We are to create a journal page showing growth or celebration of life.  I choose to celebrate by dancing in the light of the moon.

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October 3, 2014

My Goddess...

Life Book 2014 Week 40 led by Kate Thompson.  We are to create our own Healing Intuitive Goddess using image transfer.

I used an image from my stash, molding paste, stencils, water soluble crayons, acrylic paint, ink, colored pencils, rhinestones, rubber stamps and rub-ons to create my goddess.

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September 29, 2014

Little Drawings

I made this journal a few months ago.  The pages were painted and waiting to be filled with drawings.  I've been creating little sketches and drawings for it.  Only 4 more pages to go.

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September 23, 2014

Embracing My Inner Cold...

Life Book 2014 Week 39 led by Alena Hennessy.  We are to create a journal page painting on paper and dry media.

I'm NOT naming names, but there was a man sitting in front of me on the airplane home who generously spread his germs around by sneezing, coughing (without covering his mouth!!) and touching everything - ugh.  Richard and I are both sick with colds.  I feel lousy, but my cure is to keep going, drink lots of liquids (wine IS a liquid), exercise and work in my studio.  Something good always comes out of the bad.

What I did:

September 21, 2014

No brushes allowed...

Life Book 2014 Week 38 led by Flora Bowley.  We are to create a painting making marks with anything other than a paintbrush.

Abstracts per se aren't really my thing, but I gave it a whirl using an erasure, thread spool, assorted kitchen utensils, toilet paper core, sea sponge, cardboard, my fingers and a flower.

(All photos taken with i-phone on gorillapod and remote.)


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September 20, 2014

Home is Where the Heart is...

Life Book 2014 Week 37 led by Carissa Paige.  We are to draw our artsy abode.

I just returned home from a fabulous trip to Budapest, Vienna and Prague.  I had a great time, but am happy to be home and in my studio again!

Home is Where the Heart Is

My process:

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