July 29, 2013


Week 31 of Life Book 2013 is led by Jeanette Maisy House.  Jeanette's lesson is about healing and authenticity.  We are to create a portrait using chakra colors and symbols.  I know nothing about this and had to "Google" it.

There are 7 main chakra colors - did you know that?

Mixed media background - short yogurt break - I should have been meditating, but...I was hungry

Finished drawing

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July 26, 2013

Child's Play...

It's been quite a while since I have had the opportunity to share my studio with a child.  I invited my friend, Mimi's daughter, Brittany, for a day of play in my studio.  Brittany is a budding artist.  She has great instincts and a wonderful sense of color.

Brittany was eager to get started.
(It took me almost a full day to develop an idea and set up the space.)  

We are making an art doll.  The base is foam core.  Brittany's first assignment was to draw and color a face on Shrinky Dink plastic.  We kept our fingers crossed that the face would shrink to the correct size - it did!

Assorted papers were glued to the base.  Here Brittany is scuffing the "wrong" side of the face to enable it to adhere to the base.   We used Weldbond for this purpose.

Brittany is busy, busy, busy.  I had planned to take a lot more photos of our "process", but got so caught up in what we were doing that I completely forgot about the camera!

Our girls are almost finished...

I don't know who is cuter, Brittany or the doll she made.  I'm sure you will agree Brittany is cuter!

I don't want you to think that I worked her so hard that we forgot about lunch!  No way.  As a matter of fact, Brittany brought her own lunch and one for me too!!

Brittany remembered that the last thing we were to do was sign and date our work.  (I almost forgot!)

Brittany has left now.  She did help me clean up.  We had paper and glue everywhere!  This is my finished piece.

We had a great day together.  If you have the opportunity, invite a child to play.  It is so much fun!

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July 22, 2013

Dress of Troubles...

Life Book 2013 Week 30 is led by Dina Wakley.  We are to design a dress containing our troubles.  Dina was inspired by the artwork of Annie Lopez.  The best part of designing a dress like this is once it's made, I don't have to wear it - just leave my troubles behind!

My process:

My dress:

Good thing I don't have to wear this dress - it's not very pretty - but then troubles never are!

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July 20, 2013

The Artful Diva Collage...

I skipped a week in Life Book 2013 and now made it up.  Week 28 is led by Jane Davies.   We are to create a collage figure self-portrait.

I started with a self-portrait head shot.  Flipping through various magazines I found neck, hands, arm, body, makeup brush, leg, shoe.  The tiara is made from an ad for a ring of a famous jeweler.  These elements were adhered to the background with matte medium.

The background contains watercolor paints, gesso, India ink, water soluble crayons; rubber stamps.

This was a fun project even if I do look like a gangster's moll!

July 15, 2013

The Key to Happiness...

Life Book 2013 Week 29 is led by Danita.  Danita's theme is "Making Our Key To Freedom."  She uses watercolors and masking fluid.  I'm using a combo of watercolors, water soluble crayons, acrylic paint and ink.

draw rough sketch with pencil, wet paper and paint background...

I don't have masking fluid, so I try not to apply background over my figure drawing; cage, key and other elements drawn...

I'm not sure why I usually give my girls black hair (I'm blondish)...

I say it, now if I could only do it, I'd really be HAPPY!

July 1, 2013

Boat Over Troubled Waters....

Week 27 of Life Book 2013 is led by Tamara Laporte.  Tam's theme is "Embracing All of You."  We are to draw ourselves in a boat; mixed media background; focus on our good and bad.  (I do not share these traits publicly.)

Getting started

Rough draft

finished work
Somewhere along the way, the waves were lost.  Does that mean I am beginning to calm down?

I've got to learn to let go and move on!  I still get the heebee jeebies over things that happened a gazillion years ago.  These are the things that keep me awake at night.  Can you relate?