August 18, 2012

No Raving Beauty...

This doll is coming along.  While she is no raving beauty, she will certainly have a lot of character.

Here the eyes are revealed, nose sculpted and mouth placement made.

Eyelids and brows sculpted; addition of teeth (oh my!) and neck built around a dowel.  (My intention is to add the doll head to the top of a wooden chest of drawers.)  Her lips are too full IMO.  Since this is my maiden voyage with this technique, I'm taking notes.  Hopefully I will not make the same mistakes next time!  She's already been baked - so no way to change that now.

You can see here that her ears have been added.  I'm painting in the face with acrylic paints and pigment powders.

I drilled a hole on the top of the chest - this is where the neck will be glued into place.  Her stare is so piercing - kinda scary, huh?!

Next step will be her hair - gotta think about that...

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