December 13, 2015

Second Chance...

Something about my original drawing was really bugging me.  The woman wasn't doing it for me, but I liked the birds.

original drawing

Gesso is my friend.  I covered up the portions I didn't like, added some color, started again.

I like this better - but who knows - in another week or so it may turn into something altogether different!

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Jeanie said...

Oh yeah! Good choice. This is much more fun! But even if you change it again -- keep the birds, they're fabulous!

Nancy A said...

Hi Pat. I’m excited to see your blog and art. I am a first time visitor and found your post while I was posting one of my own on Inspire Me Monday #206. I used to do acrylic painting, and used gesso then. With it, one moment something is there and the next it’s gone. LOL. Your artwork brightened my day. Happy Holidays and Many Blessings in the New Year.Nancy A @