April 9, 2015

Things happen...

My doctor said no more power walking until my stress fracture has healed.  He did say I could swim (I haven't gotten into a bathing suit in years!) OR ride a bike.  Oh joy - I can still exercise daily.   I usually only ride my bike on Sundays.  I planned a new route (no hills) and started riding as soon as I could after the sun came up.  I enjoyed my new route for 4 days and then a flat tire - aach!!  Luckily Richard fixed it for me so I can go out again tomorrow morning.

The quilt I am working on was ready to be quilted.  I actually started the quilting - before long the bobbin tension was acting crazy.  Unsewing is NOT something I like to do!  I tried everything to get the tension right - finally decided it was time to take my beloved machine into be serviced.

It's always something - right?!

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Pia Rom said...

OMG PAT you crack me up with your sweet selfportrait ;)