April 21, 2015

It Snot What You Think!

My friend Kristy Claiborne Graves posted a picture of a "yarn keeper" made by Lucky Stradley on Facebook the other day.  I thought this was a riot and wanted to make one for myself.

I made Two!

Photo Kristy posted on Facebook of Lucky Stradley's artwork

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Tamar SB said...

That is fantastic!!
We have a tissue box cover that looks like an easter island head - they come out via the nose!

Jeanie said...

LOVE these!

June Caedmon said...

I saw these on FB, too, LOL! My knitter friend wants one so badly! What fun - your versions are just fabulous, Pat!

Kim Cunningham said...

How fun! This makes me laugh.

Pia Rom said...

OMG These are hillarious! I am in love with both :)
♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

Kwiltsfl said...

Hilarious! I have looked at yarn keepers over the years, but these are the first that really catch my eye!
~Karen H