January 25, 2014

Half Way Mark!

Oh boy - I've reached the halfway mark in the FB Gritty Jane's 40 Portrait Challenge!

15-20 shown here

A number of these were drawn with my left hand (painted with my right).  Can you guess which were drawn with my left hand?  It's beginning to get easier to control the pencil...


mail4rosey said...

I can't tell the difference, and that is AWESOME!!

Thank you for linking to Super Sunday SYnc!

Anne Jeffries said...

Good morning, Pat, I've been absent for a bit so have missed a lot of this challemged. Truth be told, I'm impressed by your left hand right hand dexterity. I can't hazzard a guess but if i did, i would guess the more detailed images were drawn by your right hand. Oh. I guess i DID make a guess.