January 3, 2014

And so it "begins"

Week 1 of Life Book 2014 is led by Tamara Laporte. We are to create our own Inner Artist Guardian to guide us through the upcoming year.  I chose to make two versions.  One a full size page on water color paper for my Life Book Journal and a small 4x4 canvas.  The little canvas will sit on a shelf in my studio and offer encouragement throughout the year.

My process:

 The word "begin" is my word of choice for the year.  At Mass yesterday, the last song sung was "Let There Be Peace on Earth."  I love that tune.  I was thinking about beginning Life Book and thought "BEGIN" that's a perfect word!

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Cecily R said...

I LOVE this!! Begin is a great word of the year!

Peggy Jones said...

Perfect word and I love your art work.

Pauline said...

I do envy your creativity. I agree 'Begin' is a great word for the new year and to carry with you through the year. I hope you enjoy all your new beginnings.

RaD said...

Great! I need to start taking more time to just do art like this. I love it!

J9 said...

Beautiful image and word for this year.

...melody... said...

THis is wonderful! Love your art work and your word for the year.

Barb said...

Great art work and a very interesting word. Yes, 'begin'... I think I like it

ChrisJ said...

We don't need a new year to make resolutions we need to just BEGIN! Great thought! Just do it!

GingerV said...

One of the advantages of coming late to comment is I can say - yes to all of the above - I do like the word begin. And your final BEGIN art. Hugs from Houston. Ginger