June 20, 2015


Life Book 2015, Week 25, led by Lynzee Lynx.  We are to create a background using handmade stencils.

Sometimes creating art can be more about finding out which techniques I don't like or at least it works that way for me.  I love using my hands - getting them dirty - creating art.  Cutting out stencils doesn't do "it" for me.  I have tons of ready made stencils which I really like and use often.

I made marks on substrate; added acrylic paint

added ready made stencils with spray dyes

created a simple hand made stencil

black gesso and acrylic paints over my own stencil; sprayed with water; acrylic paint added.

This background will be used one day - as soon as my muse gets wind of it!

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Linda said...

I love the colours!

Jeanie said...

If I'm going to cut, I'd rather cut collage than stencils, but I love using them. Your finished pieces are terrific!

Linda Blatchford said...

Those look like fun to make.