April 9, 2016

1st of the series

I’m getting tired fussing with this one - I may come back to it…anyway it’s the first one of the three

Here's the story to go with the painting:

Daily Rituals

As usual she awakes early to the red glow of the digital clock - 4:45AM - time to rise and shine. Even though she took an early retirement from her day job over twenty-five years ago and could sleep in, she can’t break the habit. Mornings are the best time of day!

Tiptoeing so as not to waken her husband, she quickly pulls on clean but raggedy t-shirt and shorts and does her daily Classical Stretch workout. Twenty-five minutes of bending, stretching, and reaching loosen up her sore back muscles and hip joints. She then laces up the neon orange Asics walking shoes, grabs the i-Pod and ear buds and is out the door. Before setting out, she picks up the newspaper and places it inside the kitchen door. Her husband is always grateful to find the newspaper handy when he gets up. It’s a beautiful cool morning - no mosquitos yet. The sky is filled with stars. No one else is up yet except for a neighbor’s cat who is roaming around. Compulsively she sets the timer on her i-watch then it’s ready, set, go!

She power walks to the beat of the BeeGees, Neil Diamond and some rap. Her body is on autopilot - no thinking - just being. Sometimes she looks up and isn’t sure where she is. It’s wonderful to be out early walking in the dark. No one can see that she hasn’t combed her hair or that she is wearing clothes with holes in them. Four miles and an hour later, she’s home again ready for that first cup of coffee - heavenly!

Her morning exercise is complete. She has read the newspaper; eaten breakfast; showered, dressed and put on her “war paint.” Now she looks in the mirror and goes through a litany of daily reminders - be kind, gentle, understanding, polite, encouraging to herself and others. Slow down and be grateful for this day.

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NC Sue said...

Thank you, Pat, for joining the party at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-many-faces-of-louie.html

Jeanie said...

Her barriers are up, aren't they? I wouldn't want to mess with her. She reminds me of mom when I was caught doing something bad as a kid!

chai-and-chardonnay.blogspot.com said...

I like her a lot.Beautiful eyes and a serene face.The crossed arms seem more like a self protective gesture.