November 26, 2015

Plan B

Our tradition is to put up our Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving.  This year we had to switch to Plan B.

My husband had a bunionectomy several weeks ago.  He's limping around with a huge boot on his foot.

We store our Christmas tree and other seasonal decorations in the garage attic.  There is no way he could get up that ladder and pass things down to me and I'm not good with ladders - thus - Plan B.
I bought some wire wreath forms and garlands - JoAnns had a big sale yesterday.  We strung the wire wreaths together hanging them on a dress form.  (I come up with the brilliant ideas - my husband helps me implement them.  He's a very good sport.  Also, he's been bored to tears since he cannot move around very well.  This turned out to be a welcome diversion.)

I was anxious to take photos.  I'm sure she will look delightful at night when the houses lights are off and her skirt is all aglow.

The addition of lights on the necklace and red ornaments filled out the skirt better - I'm calling her done now.

 I doubt if I can find a Christmas stocking to cover his boot...

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Molly said...

Ohhh that is so pretty.


genie said...

This is the cleverest thing I have ever seen. I wish I knew where the legs to mine were so I could copy you. Your poor hubby. That is the WORST surgery...especially for teachers who have to walk up and down the halls. UGH! Hope the pain leaves and he starts getting around more easily. I LOVE your post today.

Katherines Corner said...

oh how wonderful and creative! Hoping your hubby is recovering well. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

Kim Cunningham said...

Cutest "tree" ever! Truly love this idea. Send hubby my well wishes. I hear that is a painful surgery/recovery.

Jeanie said...

Fabulous, fabulous! I've been seeing a number of these this year but this might be my favorite. Love the baubles and bodice, too!

As for your husband, I hope by now he is feeling a little better and healing fast.