June 20, 2013

Second that Emotion - Part 2

I finished the back side of Week 25 yesterday.  Wednesdays are traditionally my housecleaning day.  It's important for me to stay out of my studio on Wednesday mornings - too easy to lose focus on cleaning...  My solution was to multi-task.  I would clean a bit - hit the studio and draw a face (with charcoal pencil) - back to cleaning - hit the studio draw another face - repeat, repeat, repeat.  While the floors were drying, I started painting the faces and adding more color.  It took all day to complete this piece meal drawing.  I'm happy with the results.

Side "B"

Side "A"


Peggy Jones said...

Sounds about how I divvy up my day sometimes. I love your piece. I keep saying I am going to try one of those but don't feel the inspiration coming. I am going to study yours for a spell because I do like it.

Peggy Jones said...

Since I haven't been by for awhile I went back to some of your previous posts on this subject. It was a lesson. Now I know how to start into a project like this. Thanks you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces! Great work!