September 28, 2015

another travel journal...

My husband and I plan to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary a little early.  Our anniversary is actually in January 2016, but we chose to celebrate in October because we're going Banff and Lake Louise in Canada.  It would be way too cold for our FL bones to go to Canada in January!

I always make a journal for any trips we/I take.  Here's what I made for this trip.

journal pages made of water color paper, assorted books pages, gesso

I created some "brushes" in Photoshop Elements (dates, ourselves as hikers, mountains), print on deli paper, adhere to cover and journal pages

hand draw lines on pages, paint with water colors

finished journal

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September 3, 2015

A Nude Rose...

Life Book 2015, Week 36, led by Donna Downey.  We are to draw a nude showing strength.

I love this poem by JJ and used it as my inspiration:

A nude lady rose,
plucked as if her life is due heavens course.
To be laid upon a barren corpse.
Dying with the gift to still be alive.
Kissing the dead as she displays her color of red,
a fiery contrast upon a marbled breast.
Her Radiance among the pale of skin,
gives her a peace be if one in just, within.
Her only place,
to give color to the dead of any race.
Herself dying,
the irony of living freshly cut.

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Anything Goes cont'd...

One can never have too much texture - at least I find it makes a painting more interesting.

Addition of more texture to this drawing - (created for an art swap)

no drawing - just paint, paint, paint...

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