June 24, 2013

Who's Behind the Mask....

Week 26 of Life Book 2013 is led by Joann Loftus.  We are to draw a silhouette, cover with collage, adhere to stenciled background.

These Life Book challenges are a nightmare on a manicure.  Luckily, I have gel nails, so most of the paint and glue comes off - but it still wreaks havoc on my cuticles!

I love the quote by Margaret Bourke-Whit!

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June 20, 2013

Second that Emotion - Part 2

I finished the back side of Week 25 yesterday.  Wednesdays are traditionally my housecleaning day.  It's important for me to stay out of my studio on Wednesday mornings - too easy to lose focus on cleaning...  My solution was to multi-task.  I would clean a bit - hit the studio and draw a face (with charcoal pencil) - back to cleaning - hit the studio draw another face - repeat, repeat, repeat.  While the floors were drying, I started painting the faces and adding more color.  It took all day to complete this piece meal drawing.  I'm happy with the results.

Side "B"

Side "A"

June 18, 2013

Second that emotion...

Life Book 2013 Week 25 is led by Mitsi B.  Mitsi's theme is "emotions - expressing the true you." We are to create an accordion-style page using mixed media; find and emphasize the hidden figures in the drawing.

I still need to complete the back side - but this needs to wait for another day.  I'm exhausted!

The flip side is complete.  To see it go here.

June 11, 2013

Me, Myself and Eye...

Week 24 of Life Book 2013 is led by Kelly Hoernig.  Kelly's theme is "Eyes Are Windows to the Soul."  We are to draw our own eye and "paint" it using different magazine and book pages as well as various acrylic painting techniques.

I took a self-portrait; drew a straight line across the bridge of the nose and eyes to help me draw my eye.

Acrylic paint washed over gessoed water color paper; eye "drawn" separately using various papers, glued to each other and applied to background.  Shading of eye and brow with acrylic paints.

Embellished with background texture, rubber stamps, water color paints, hand drawn words.

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June 3, 2013


Life Book 2013 Week 23 led by Tamara Laporte.  Using mixed media, we are to draw a face and whimsical creature honoring our feelings.  I don't tend to share my feelings publicly...character flaw...I don't know...I've got to give that some more thought...

What do you think the birdie is telling me?  He looks worried.  What do you think is scaring him?

Addition of various papers, water colors, water color pastels, gesso and acrylic paints makes the composition so much more interesting.  Layers - just like in Photoshop Elements - can make a big difference in an ordinary drawing...what do you think?